• Affiliation: Z-Stacks
  • Number: 4
  • Type: Harbour Switcher Tug

Zug is a Z-Stack and the youngest member.


Zug is an ambitious young tug, and one of the Z Stacks switchers. He mainly works with Zip, and likes to think of himself as the intelligent one. Compared to Zip, he certainly is intelligent. Compared to anyone else, he's not. He comes up with devious plans for him and Zip to use, though the plans usually fail. Zug is Captain Zero's 4th Tug, a harbour switcher who is used for a wide variety of tasks around Bigg City Port. Zug is quite an ugly Tug, and he and Zip are best friends. Zug basically commands Zip, who's too frightened to make any good suggestions. Zug's capabilities range from the towing of barges to liner docking operations. Like the rest of Zero Marine, Zug is based on the Moran Fleet Tugs of the 1920's. His personality resembles Peter Lorre. He's sneaky, cowardly and he needs the other Z Stacks around for courage. He Speaks with a Midwest Estonian accent. Zug is a scheming sort of tug, though his plans rarely if ever work as planned. Zug is intimidated by the main Z Stack Zorran and has a tendency to be somewhat nervous and jittery around him. Zug and Zip are the Z Stack equivalents of Ten Cents and Sunshine, in that they are the smaller tugs of the fleet, who works together, and are plotting against the other two. Zug seems to be not all that smart, but compared to Zip, he's a genius! Zug's whistle has a hooting quality that sounded very much like a squeeze horn, but deeper. Zug has a major role in most episodes, and a majority of stories focus on him as a major character in some way, usually concerning Zip.

His Catchphrase Is Hoopa.

His Personality Resembles Dodge From Thomas And Friends As Being Zip's Older Brother As Said In Season 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

In season five of "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends", either Zug or a boat resembling his model made a small cameo appearance in an episode. Zug is voiced by British actor Nigel Anthony who voices Warrior. In the American TUGS Spin-off Salty's Lighthouse, he was voiced by Scott McNeil.

Voice Actors Edit