The Pirates
The Pirates (a.k.a The "Green-Eyed Things")

A pair of villainous tugboats who slipped into Bigg City Port with the intension of stealing loaded barges that could be sold off illegally for trade. To increase their security, they used Sea Rogue as their decoy, and to make sure that he performed their bidding, they took his uncle hostage and threatened to sink him if Sea Rogue disobeyed them. With the unexpected help of Zip and Zug, the Star Fleet and Sea Rouge were able to capture the pirate tugs and hand them into the authorities. The pirate tugs were mysterious-looking vessels with black paint and a distinguishable pair of green-tinted spotlights. They are known among fans as 'The Green-Eyed Things'.

the where replaced with sea rouge in salty's lighthouse.

Voice Actors Edit

  • Sean Barrett (TUGS)