The Old Boat
The Old Boat

Zip & Zug found an old boat in the fog and forgot to tie it up properly. They told Zorran and the next night they went around in cricles and lost the boat. O.J. had lost his glasses and bumped into something and fell to sleep. Because the boat and O.J. look alike Zip and Zug towed O.J. to Burke & Blair's yard. Zorran Saw O.J. in the yard and told Big Mac who saved him It Also Appeared In The Second Season Episode Zip And Zug's DIscovery Bertram's First Appearince On Tugs Although He Was A Tank Engine In That Episode They Found It And Tied It To The Dock And It Drifted Away And However Skarloey And Peter Sam And Sir Handel And Rheneas And Rusty Saved Saved It

And I Was With Duncan And Freddie Then I Saw It The Episode Was Similar To The Chugginton Episode Next Stop Space It's Whislte Sounds Identical To Speedy McAlister From Chugginton.

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