Izzy Gomez
Izzy Gomez
  • Affiliation: san juan bananas
  • Type: Tramp Steamer

Izzy Gomez is a scheming banana tramper from Mexico who is frenemies with both the Star Fleet and the Z-Stacks. He will often try to convince tugs to tow him into port for free, or at least for a cut-price rate, and is not above trying to sneak in against the law. However, he does have a good streak that was revealed in Sunshine, so he's more of a rogue than a villain. He's Good Friends with Warrior and Big Mac of the Star Fleet and has a frenemy Relationship with Zorran. During his Bigg City Port time, Izzy's been subjected to Ghosts & Potential Sinking. On his hull he comes from Puerto Grande: sort of equal to Bigg City. He has a Strong Mexican Accent and wears a Sombrero. Gomez also has the U.S.M. Flag as his Smokestack Insignia.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Izzy's knack of getting stuck was later seen with Digby the Cable Ship in Robert D. Cardona's other tugboat series Theodore Tugboat.

Izzy Gomez made a cameo in the "Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends" season four episode "Special Attraction." His sombrero was removed to make him look less characteristic.

Voice Actors Edit

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