Frank and top hat

Frank and Top Hat

Frank and Eddie, are two railway barges (some body calls it car float or train barges) who mostly work with Top Hat and some time Top Hat have token Lord Stinker with them. they are transproting railway wagons around Bigg City Port. They are very quick-witted and are among the few that can deal with Top Hat's self-proclaimed superiority. Both of the twins speak with a Cockney accent. They are based on the USA Railway barges, however the mittle track has been replaced with a platform and a house and their faces.


  1. -Frank and Eddie are the only twins in the series however the are defrent. Frank has a little nose and Eddie has a big nose and an Oliver Hardy moustache.
  1. -They only have one face, both of them have a relaxed smile.
  1. -Eddie talks more in the serie (High Tide and Munitions) Frank is only talk in Munitions.
  1. -They are the only railway barges in the serie.


  1. Sunshine (cameos) Eddie is full visible and Frank only a derailed Box Wagon
  2. High Tide (Only Eddie is speaking.)
  3. Munitions

Voice Actors Edit

  • Nigel Anthony (Frank; TUGS)
  • Timothy Bateson (Eddie; TUGS)
  • Ian James Corlett (Both; Salty's Lighthouse)

Photoes of Frank and EddieEdit



Eddie tugss


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